Drivers of the Race at Sebring

It's your turn to vote for the Drivers of the Race of Round 2 of the European and Americas Championships 2024 at Sebring.

Nominees for the “Driver of the Race” of Round 2 in the European and the Americas Championship.

Nominees Europe

  • Christoph Lipp – Won both Pro Class races
  • Craig Gregory – helped an out of fuel Mike Busson to finish the race.
  • Tom Euler – Won both Am-Class races

Nominees Americas

  • Manuel Solorzano – Won both Am Class races.
  • Ryan Oddo – Got collected twice but still tried to make the best out of it!
  • Sánchez Franco – Won both Pro Class races and had 0 Incidents in the 45 Minutes main race

The Vote will close on Thursday evening. The Drivers of the Race get 20 USD in iRacing Credits.

Result Americas:

  1. Franco Sanchez – 76,7%
  2. Ryan Oddo – 19,2%
  3. Manuel Solorzano – 4,1%

Result Europe:

  1. Craig Gregory – 56%
  2. Tom Euler – 28%
  3. Christoph Lipp – 16%

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  1. Great competition! Congratulations!!! I voted for Franco Sanchez because he is a proffesional and ethical competitor… His performances are awsome!

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