Protest System

Any member of the Radical SimRacing community may lodge a protest and ask for an incident to be investigated. This can be done publicly via the #incident talk channel or anonymously by sending a PM to RSR Steward Nihad Gluscic. The report can only be submitted after the cooldown period of 12 hrs has lapsed. When submitting the report, provide short statement of the incident and attach the replay cut. Please note that replay should ideally cover at least two laps before and two laps after the incident, with exception of extremely long tracks where similar distances would apply (i.e. at Nordschleife, the replay cut should cover three minutes before and three minutes after the incident).

The Steward will collect the statements of all drivers involved and review the replay evidence and produce a detailed report outlining the decision and the rationale behind the decision. Please note that the reporting driver reports an incident, not the driver him/herself and they too can be given a penalty if their culpability in the incident is proven. The Steward publishes the report in the #incident talk channel in order to demonstrate the transparency of the process but also inform drivers of how certain behaviours are treated.

Penalty System

This system is applied to drivers that show behaviour that is not in line with what can be considered to be the behaviour of a fair driver and thus ignores the spirit of this community. Below are the most common incidents that would be looked at.

  1. Race start and lap 1 incidents
    1. Poor start and spinning the car on grid
    2. Overambitious attempts into Turn 1 and generally on Lap 1
  1. Bad re-join
    1. Re-joining the track onto incoming traffic forcing other drivers to take evasive action or causing collisions as a result of this


  1. Blocking, swerving, and moving under braking
    1. Moving to block an overtake as a response to the movement of the attacking driver
    2. Excessive swerving on the straight to break the tow (bending the racing line to reduce tow is fine, going left-right multiple times is not)
    3. Changing lines in the braking zone
  1. Rear-ending and brake checking
    1. Contact from behind is usually the responsibility of the following driver, unless the leading driver unnecessarily or intentionally braked early or brake-checked the driver behind to protect position


  1. Overambitious overtake
    1. Going for an overtake that has no chance to succeed unless a side contact is made or defending driver forced off track


  1. Inappropriate communication via voice and text chat
    1. Incidents are not to be discussed during the race or from the cockpit of the car as the driver has only seen his perspective
    2. Spamming another driver by voice or text chat (private or public) during the race is not acceptable
    3. Swearing, insults and bullying is not acceptable


  1. Intentional and malicious acts and retaliation

The penalty system is a constant work in progress and will be updated as and when necessary, with the community vote on contentious issues. During the last season, the following areas have been brought to the attention of the Steward and have been put up for the community vote:

  1. iRacing slowdowns – 90% of drivers who voted supported the regulation of the slowdowns. As we discussed, by providing a too clear regulation may produce adverse effects and cause more accidents so, to make it simple, the drivers will serve the slowdown penalty as they seem fit but must not block other drivers whilst serving penalty nor they should be defending their line when travelling at reduced speeds;
  1. Yellow flags – 71% of drivers who voted supported no regulation of the yellow flags and to keep the iRacing rules. It is very difficult to enforce this rule as there is no evidence in the replay when the yellow flag was displayed and to whom. Causing accidents by ignoring visual clues to accident ahead whilst trying to gain as many places is protestable;
  1. Bump drafting – bump drafting is a collaborative act between team-mates or drivers who decided to team up and catch the cars ahead. Without consent and coordination, bump drafting puts the leading driver in a difficult position as they are unable to brake when they feel comfortable. You can follow closely but don’t make a contact and beware, any rear end contact is on the following driver, unless the leading driver braked too early. It is the responsibility of the following driver to understand when the leading driver normally breaks.


Penalties: In absence of appropriate penalty system in iRacing, such as grid drops, time penalties etc. and to keep it simple, we will use penalty points that will penalise repeated offenders and not discourage racing:

  • Warning, taken as an aggravating circumstance when reviewing this driver the next time


  • Suspended point – if you get a suspended point for bad re-join for example and next race you have another bad re-join, you can be awarded the one suspended point or get a point for the previous race and get another for this race, if it was deemed to be blatant and unnecessary. The Steward will decide how long will the point be suspended for and it depends on the incident itself and previous incidents the driver was involved with


  • Accumulated 3 penalty points, start from the pits
  • Accumulated 6 penalty points, race ban
  • Accumulated 9 penalty points, two races ban
  • Accumulated 12 penalty points, series ban
  • Accumulated 15 penalty points, league ban

The point system was kindly shared with us by a member of the league, who is a real-world Radical races director and we made some small adjustments to it.

You cannot appeal the Steward decision for the first two points of a three-point cycle as those points inform you and give you advice. Any point that involve the sporting penalty can be appealed and Steward’s decision will be reviewed by an impartial ad-hoc group of league racers not involved in this particular series and being as impartial as possible. When reviewing the appeal, the ad-hoc board may look at all three points the driver received in order to find the merit to issue the sporting penalty. 

Penalty points are only valid in the series they were received and will expire on a season-long basis (i.e. if the season is 10 races long, the penalty point will carry on for the next 10 races and will be removed before the 11th race. Steward may reduce this time at his discretion if he deems that the infringment was marginal).