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About Us

All about the Radicals

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Radical Simracing is a community project with the goal to become hub and home for everything related to the Radicals in simracing, and to raise awareness for the people, leagues and projects putting the Radicals at the core of their simracing activities. 



Make people get to know each other, to help and develop as racers and have fun on track.



Raise the level of competition race by race, in Championships designed to be fun and exciting



Raise awareness and recognition for the Radicals on iRacing, to help grow the overall driver base.

remember the past

Spring 2021

It was the pandemic spring of 2021 when a bunch of Radical enthusiasts got on track together for the Formula Baltic Radical Championship. Little did they know how much camaraderie and fun they would have together.

With the first season ending, the community took fortune in it’s own hands and ran their Championships as the FBL-Community. Developing formats and rules together, with the goal of making every position count and having fun on track togetter.

After a series of Championships, it is now time for a new chapter!

The People Behind Radical Simracing

Sandro Kapeller


Nihad Gluscic

Second Admin

Damian Gee

Steering Group

David Walters

Steering Group

Diego Zuccarelli

Steering Group

Mike Busson

Steering Group

Juan Moncada

Steering Group