Partners & Links

Partners & Links

"Broadcast from the heart for the racers at heart."

We instantly knew we had found gold when we witnessed James make his first steps commentating, by doing voice-overs for our races.

A natural born commentator and entertainer, whom we lost on track as other leagues heard about him and wanted to have him in the booth.

So when we began to broadcast ourselves, we knew who would be the guy to come to. Since then we are happy as ever to have him – and in the meantime – his team in the booth for our races.

News and more to the simracing community.

SimRace247 is an independent sim racing network providing non-stop content, race reports, league promotions and community support. It’s the place to find everything related to simracing.

We are happy to have such a strong partner covering our activities, races and championships.

Up to the minute F1 news all the time as and when it breaks.

GRANDPRIX247 is an independent website providing non-stop-in-depth Formula 1 news coverage since 2009.

Our news source on everything related to Formula 1, from breaking news, to Interviews with drivers and key-players, as well as in depth analysis of all F1 matters.

Platinum Endurance Championship

PEC is the place to compete if you’re looking for an endurance championship. With over 800 members PEC is one of the top notch Endurance league providers.

PEC is part of the Platinum Racing Group. The place to compete.

  • Platinum Racing League (Sprint series)
  • Platinum Racing Team, esports (Iracing Team)
  • Platinum Racing Team, karting (Karting Team)
  • Platinum Endurance Championship


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