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It's your turn to vote for the Drivers of the Race of Round 1 of the European and Americas Championships 2024 at Monza

The challenge in selecting the nominees for the Driver of the Race vote did not lie in a lack of exceptional performances, but rather in the sheer overload of skill, strategy, and camaraderie that characterized the opening races of this season. From the front-runners battling for podium glory to the unsung heroes in the midfield showcasing their talent, the races in Europe and the Americas showed a thrilling and unpredictable spectacle.

What stood out most was the collective commitment to fair play and sportsmanship, that could be found throughout the field – and was tested thoroughly by the first chicane throughout the race. And as we open the vote for the Driver of the Race, we invite the community and everyone who watched the race to cast their ballots. The choice is yours – as we celebrate the entire grid for contributing to races that give us a hard time waiting for Round 2.

Here are your nominees for the “Driver of the Race” of Round 1 in the European and the Americas Championship.

Nominees Europe

  • John McHutchison – for his overall performance and overtaking in F1 style for the lead in in the first chicane.
  • Mats Gjestrumbakken – gaining 26 Positions in the main Race.
  • Sebastian Lipp – only one to get Points for Clean Driving in the European Main Race.

Nominees Americas

  • Eric Harman – only one who got Points for Clean Driving in Sprint and Main Race.
  • Ryan Oddo – only one to win both races of the Session.
  • Hunter Reeve – patiently waiting for everyone to pass in the final lap of the Sprint to then win the main race in class.

The Vote will close on Thursday evening. The Winners will receive iRacing Credits equivalent to the cost of a track.

Vote is closed. Results:

Americas Championship

  1. Harman – 50%
  2. Oddo – 27,3%
  3. Reeve – 22,7%

European Championship

  1. Gjestrumbakken – 62,9%
  2. McHutchison – 26,7%
  3. S. Lipp – 11,4%

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