The World Finals Have Arrived!

Today the best drivers of the European and Americas Championships will battle it out in two consecutive races at Road America and Interlagos

When the 30 best drivers of the European and Americas Championships get on track today to battle out victory in the Pro and Am Finals, there are four names that stand out. Graham Brown (Team GB) won the European Am Championship, Juan Moncada won the Americas Am Championship, Lucas Vieira (OnWheelsTV Race) won the Americas Pro Championship and Daniel Sedgley took the crown in the European Pro Championship. But are those the favorites going into the Finals? The field has already been to Road America and Interlagos this season, and taking a look into results might tell us more about their chances.

This season at Road America and Interlagos

Road America

  • Moncada took victory in the Am classs with an average laptime of 2:00.700, after setting pole in class with a 1:58.820
  • Brown took victory in the European Ams with an average laptime of 2:00.241 after setting pole with a 1:58.716
  • Vieira took victory in the Americas Pro with an average laptime of 1:59.214 after setting pole with a 1:58.348
  • Sedgley finished in the European Pros on P5 with an average laptime of 1:59.738 after qualifying on P2 with a 1:58.124. Victory was taken by Henning Hauge (Team SloWmo) while Sveinung Mathisen (Team SloWmo) took pole position with a 1.57.882


  • Moncada won the race in the Am class with a 1.29.731 after putting his car on pole in class with a 1.28.662
  • Brown wasn’t on track at Interlagos when Paul Le May (2 Brothers Racing) took victory with an average laptime of 1.29.872 after qualifying on pole with a 1.28.600
  • Vieira got beaten by Forenz Arabian at Interlagos while setting an average laptime of 1.29.224 after setting pole with a 1.27.664
  • Sedgley won the race at Interlagos with an average laptime of 1.28.553 after only qualifying on P6 with a 1.28.053. Polesetter had been John Mchutchison (Team Radline) with a 1:27.636

Proven race winners on track

What does that leave us with? The average gap between the Americas and European Am Pole Position had been 0.08s. The difference for Pole at Interlagos in the Pro class had been 0.028s. So everything is set for us to watch some close battles and epic racing today, when apart from the just crowned champions several race-winners will get on track to win the main event:


  • Lucas Vieira, 6 Victories
  • Daniel Sedgley, 3 Victories
  • Rafael Blanco, 2 Victories
  • Sveinung Mathisen (Team SloWmo), 2 Victories
  • Henning Hauge (Team SloWmo), 1 Victory
  • Steven Place (Team Radline), 1 Victory


  • Graham Brown (Team GB), 5 Victories
  • Juan Moncada, 4 Victories
  • Diego Zuccarelli (Overtake26), 2 Victories
  • Paul Le May (2 Brothers Racing), 2 Victories
  • Joost Simkens (MJX Racing Team), 1 Victory
  • Kevin Norton, 1 Victory
  • Richard Quinn, 1 Victory

Tune in today

After racing for 3 months to qualify for the Finals, and having two weeks for preparation – today the slightest mistake might decide who can seize the chance to get on top, and whose ambitions die in a second. Watch the World Finals 2022 live from 16:45 GMT to 19:15 GMT at

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