Prepare for the last Round of the Championships!

When the fields get on track tonight, two drivers have already secured their crown. Let's get into what's at stake in the final round at Mosport.

Americas Am – Three Wide for the Crown

It’s close in the Americas. In front of the final race, Diego Zuccarelli has the best chances to take the crown against Richard Quinn and Juan Moncada. Taking drop-weeks into account, Zuccarelli sits on 203 Points, Moncada on 201 and Richard Quinn on 189.

Whoever crosses the finish line first might already be able to call himself Champion – while the points for Pole Position and Fastest Lap could very much play a decisive role in the end.

And further down the grid? With a great race and enough cars on track, Kevin Norton still has the chance to snatch P3 from Richard Quinn, and Chris Ellson would have to gain 16 Points on Warren Henry to make it to P5, while Charles Krasic is just 2 Points behind him to get Ellson’s P6.

Americas Pro – Vieira Racing School?

Lucas Vieira has shown sheer dominance. Taking victory in 6 out of 7 races, only beaten once by Forenz Arabian. You know where we expect the master in class to end up at Mosport.

In P2 Steven Place is just 6 Points ahead of Dave Girard, but taking drop weeks into account everything seems set for Girard to end up on P2. Eric Harman would need to make at least 37 Points to have a chance to get into the Top 3, while he will most likely have to defend his P4 against Matheus Morata, who is just 12 Points behind him.

While Forenz Arabian is the only one who managed to beat Vieira on track, he and Hovanes Gevorgian are sitting safe on P6 and P7. Michael Garramore, Iwan Bremer and Andew Parente have already booked the relegation places.

Europe Am – P2 to P8 still in the Mix

Just like in the Americas, Graham Brown has already secured himself the crown of the Championship before going into the last Round. The only question remaining is if he manages to also win the final race of the season, or if someone of the Ams can put his winning-streak to an end.

Especially as behind Brown it’s getting pretty close. With Damian Gee, Robert Williams, Graeme Brown, Paul Le May, David Rolleston, Myles Owens and Marin Grgic current P2 to P8 are still in reach of finishing the season in the Top 3 when they get on track for the last race of the season.

Behind them, Guy Robertson and Vegard Helland have a cushion of 10 Points over Ole Gunnar Stensrud, Joost Simkens and Stefan Melis to stay in the Top 10. While even Didier Thibault, Diego Muino Iglesias and Glenn-Andre Kristiansen could make it – as long as fortune plays into their hands.

For Sandro Kapeller and Paolo Breme the Top 15 are still in reach, while Gary Trubey (who had a tough season after a good start into it) and Colin Wynn will race out who will be the tail light of the Top 20.

Outside the Top 20, David Harney, Tom Weston, Daniele Cascardo (injured), Jorge Martinez, Alfons Ruiz, Earl Latterell and Daniel Weston joined the season too late or missed to many races to get in the mix this season.

Europe Pro – A Season to Re-Watch

It’s always close when the European Pros get on track. Although, the 0.001 seconds between Mathisen and Sedgley for P1 were quite obvious.

The European Pros have shown us some of the best racing this season. Heading into the final race, and taking drop-weeks into account, Daniel Sedgley and Rafael Blanco are within 15 Points. Blanco needs to win the final race, with Sedgley not making it to the Podium, to crown himself Champion at the end of the day.

Behind them, John Mchutchison sits on a pretty safe P3, while Kjetil Larsen, Stephane Civeira and Joakim Kjode will battle out P4, P5 and P6 at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Henning Hauge, Sveinung Mathisen, Mike Busson and Thomas Renders on P7 to P10 are separated by just 21 Points, and we can expect to see some changes in their order on Friday night.

Further down, Standings show the trio Terje Saeterhaug, Paul Clark and Ola Braaten on P11-P13 separated by just 1 Point. But Ola Braaten has the best chances to get into the Top 10, once drop weeks are applied.

And then comes former champion Denis Kiriakopoulos, who won the test-run at Mosport on Wednesday and seems to finally have gotten on top of the SR10. Repeating his victory again on Friday could make him finish the season in the Top 10.

Iwan Bremer, Forenz Arabian and Paul Crabb look safe to end the season ahead of the relegation places, with only Luke Maxwell still being in danger. David Walters, Scott Lear and Marnix Heijster could still make it to the all important P18 in the end, while Nihad Gluscic, Jon Aldrige and David Harney are already safe to race with the Ams next season.

So tonight we are gonna know who takes a crown, who takes a podium, who qualifies for the Finals straightaway, and who brings himself in a good position to be called up.

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