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Nathan Brumby missed the chance for the drivers-title when taking a flight instead of getting on track for the season-finale. He’s still a FBL-Champion, but now former has to be added.

Nathan Brumby missed the chance for the drivers-title when taking a flight instead of getting on track for the season-finale. He’s still a FBL-Champion, but now former has to be added.

FBL: You followed the broadcast of the season finale. What went through your mind when you realized a win at Interlagos could have given you the Championship?

Nathan: I am having a Lewis Hamilton moment!!!!!! Just kidding. Either Nihad or Daniele were going to be highly deserving winners in what was going to be the finale to just a really enjoyable season. Daniele was by far the quickest all season and Nihad just kept getting better.

FBL: It’s not been a typical season for you. You started with a win, kept yourself in the fight for the championship throughout the season, but have always been in the role of an underdog. How does that match your experience?

Nathan: I love being the underdog. Anything in life that is good takes work. Racing (either real or sim) is the same. One great attribute of this league is that each season everyone just gets better.

Always in the mix. Nathan is a benchmark on track.

FBL: Apart from the season-finale, were there any races where you think you could have done better?

Nathan: Yes – every race I did not win :). My only consolation in those moments of despair was the tears of laughter I was having as I witnessed Colin Wynn find another reason to lose! That being said, he will win the championship at some point.

FBL: You are one of the real-life racing drivers in the FBL. For those who don’t know yet, tell us about your time as a racing-driver.

Nathan: I think I was born with an obsession for cars. Got my first real car at 7 and then got into motocross and karting. I have raced open wheelers, porsches, lamborghinis, prototypes and even did Targa Tasmania (Tarmac Rally) in 2006 which was an epic event. Not many wins but a lot of fun and a lot of great friendships formed.

FBL: How did you find your way into simracing, and since when can we meet you on the virtual track?

Nathan: In 2019 myself and a few colleagues were helping a young English car racer raise sponsorship for the Indy Lights series in the US. He bought a pretty high end sim and we all started getting obsessed about beating each other’s lap times. It quickly escalated from there!:).

FBL: The question can’t be avoided, what are the differences and similarities between racing on a real track and the virtual environment?

Nathan: The obvious difference is the lack of real consequence and the lack of any sense of momentum (G Forces). The similarities around learning tracks, understanding car setups, muscle memory etc are real. Ironically I think I get more nervous sim racing than I ever did in real life.

FBL: You’ve shown high interest in endurance racing with the FBL Racing Team. Do you have experience with this kind of races, and how might your time in Australia affect the Teams aspirations?

Nathan:  I love endurance races and many years ago did a few events over 6, 12 and 24 hours in real life. I am super keen to do more of this in the sim world. I think being in Australia (when my internet is resolved) will be good for the FBL team as the time difference will allow me – especially in 24h races – to drive during the European night. I know Iwan, Alfons and Nihad are also all super keen, so hopefully we can really start to focus on these type of events.

Nathan dominated his teammate throughout the last season 😉

FBL: You just lost the Championship. Team Gulf massively lost the Team-Championship. All down to you, or did Sandro Kapeller not fulfill the team’s expectations?

Nathan: I should have had a few better results and you always have to allow for the slowness of the second driver in the team 🙂 Just kidding. Sandro has been amazing in making all this happen. It unquestionably made his own preparation harder but the quality of the league has been the beneficiary. We are all very fortunate he has been so willing to make this a better and better league each race.

FBL: What measures will the Team take to take back all the crowns again?

Nathan: Get faster!

FBL: Where can we meet you on track beside the fbl, and which cars are your favourites to take on the virtual track?

Nathan: I love the Radical and I love the Formula 3.5 as they are both cars that have more than mechanical grip. I am trying to be better at the GT3 cars! Favourite track would be Sebring.

FBL: Looking ahead to the next season. Whom do you expect to be running at the front, and what will be your goal?

Nathan: I am picking Colin Wynn to win the season, however if he keeps sponsoring Saudi Arabia with his fuel requirements then Nihad will win and be the first two time champ here at the FBL. For me it’s to be able to make each race, race clean and have fun.


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