Gluscic wins at Montreal

Another flawless race saw Gluscic finally on top. Cascardo on P2. Brumby and Renders in battle for P3 separated by just 1.6 seconds after 90 Minutes.

WTEC 2021. Team Marlboro used the last race in North America for a demonstration of power. The qualifying saw the Team lockout the front row, with Cascardo on Pole and Gluscic on P2. The two drivers made sure Marlboro was in the lead every single lap of the 90 Minutes – with Cascardo being in front for the first hour, but falling behind due to an accident. Gluscic took his chance for the lead, and kept on pace and safe until the checkered flag.

With Marlboro dominating the league so far, the reigning champions at Gulf had to be pleased with P3 and P5 and struggle to claim being second force in the league. It had been mistakes by Cascardo and Renders (Den Kaap Bronze) that brought Brumby into the fight for P2 and P3 during the last third of the race. And while consistency is key in the WTEC, the reigning champion couldn’t match the pace of Cascardo or Gluscic.

Further at the back, Kapeller (Gulf) was in battle with Nicholas Allen (Cambrian Sim Racing) during the mid of the race. And would Allen not have had to retire his car, there would be a big question mark behind Kapeller making it to P5. Summed up – Team Gulf has to ask itself whether they should focus on securing the crown against Marlboro again, or on the fight against an ever stronger Cambrian Sim Racing, Den Kaap Bronze and Red Bull Team.

Asked about it after the race Kapeller said “It’s a long championship. As a Team we had troublesome starts into every season, but managed to sort out our problems towards the end. So we feel confident for what’s to come. But no question, Marlboro is doing an impressive job, but they will get into trouble at some point – and we will take our chances. But we have to admit, that the competition has become significantly stronger, and everyone is hard to beat.”

A back-in-action Roberto Modena kept himself out of trouble throughout the race and drove to P6 in his 90-Minutes debut. Joost Simkens had a turbulent lap 1 again, that damaged his race from the beginning. P8 and P9 went to Kent Gardner and Graeme Brown, who both had been on pace but were down two laps in the end. Allen, Cuscino, Wilkinson and Ruiz had to retire their car.

Now the WTEC is in a well-deserved Xmas-break. Although, the competition certainly doesn’t take a break and the Nordschleife is happening on 9th of January.

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