Registration for the 2024 Championships is Open!

All the Info on the 2024 European and Americas Championship and World Finals Qualifier running the SR10 on iRacing.

After months of blood sweat and tears, fun and excitement, we are thrilled to announce that our community can officially claim to be powered by Radical Motorsport, and that registration for the 2024 Championships and World Finals Qualifier is OPEN!

πŸ’‘ New to Radical SimRacing?

Don’t worry! We welcome racers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros and let them compete with each other in the cleanest and fairest sim racing community out there. Our Championships are designed to make every race count and give everyone from bottom to the top something to aim for. Whether it’s chasing the victory, qualifying for the World Finals, become driver of the race or simply enjoy the camaraderie in the community and develop as a simracer!

🚦 Key Facts of the 2024 Championships:

  • Car: SR10
  • European Championship: 45 Places – Pro and Am Class
  • Americas Championship: 45 Places – Pro and Am Class
  • 12 Races in Heat Format.
  • Raceday: Sunday
  • Fixed Setup
  • Registration End Date: February 10th
  • First race: February 18th
  • Prizes provided by Radical Motorsports
  • Physical trophies provided by Radical SimRacing
  • Driver of the Race gets a Track on iRacing.

πŸ† What’s new for 2024:

  • We’ll be using the Heat Format in a Sprint and Main Race setting
    • 50 Minutes Practice
    • 10 Minutes/4 Laps Lone Qualifier
    • 15 Minutes Sprint Race
    • 45 Minutes Main Race
  • We are looking forward to reintroduce Points for Clean Driving.
  • Every race will see a Driver of the Race.
  • “Last 3 Races” Standing to shed a light on who is hot right now.
  • Races broadcasted by Apex Racing TV.
  • Memberships instead of mandatory donations for championship registration.
    Being a member will grant you access to all our Championships and Events – as long as there are places left and there are no special prerequisites to join (i.e. the need to qualify for the World Finals).
  • (No Drop week is still being discussed within the community)

How to Register:

  1. Create an account or login to your existing account: click here!
  2. Sign up for a membership.
  3. Register for the Championships you want to take part in.

The Radical SimRacing Team 🏁

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