“What a great day, and super generous of Radical!”

Six of our members were invited to Radical’s eSport event at their newly branded sim room within the Silverstone Museum. Check it out!

About two weeks ago Radical approached us to invite six of our members to their eSports event at the Silverstone Museum on Friday, July 28th. Darrell Taylor (RRS), David Walters, James Parfitt (JPBroadcasting), John Mchutchison and Luke Maxwell went there to join Radical throughout the day, with full access to the Radical Cup UK hospitality and paddock, as well as to the track at Silverstone.

Friday was a testing day for various categories of cars, so there was activity on track all day long with a mix of Radicals, Caterhams, GT4, and open wheel GB3/GB4 cars. All the cars were based in the Heritage Paddock and our drivers were free to get up close and personal with everything.

The sim room event was run on Assetto Corsa with the Radical SR3. Everyone joined in a shared session around Silverstone GP, where John Mchutchison managed to put in the best time of our group.

The rigs were made up of high quality equipment and the folks running the sim room did seem quite receptive to the feedback our drivers gave on the things that they felt could be tweaked.

In the end, after everyone had put in a few laps, they spent some time talking to a couple of Directors from Radical Motorsports, when they also learned that one of them was very much into Sim Racing, does follow the series and did know most of them by name already – a pleasant surprise.

Overall a great day out for our members, not only as they had a great day meeting their fellow virtual racers, but also got good petrol-head fix, and some sim racing to round it all off.

A collection of images from the day can be accessed here thanks to Darrell Taylor.

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