Franco Sánchez: “Simracing is the best thing that happened in my life!”

We took the chance to talk to the leader of the Pro Class in the Americas Radical SR10 Championship. Learn about his real life racing experience, team Virtual Racing Peru and how he prepares to get on track on iRacing.

Sandro: You are in the lead of the Americas Pro Class. Happy with your season so far?

Franco: Yes, I am very happy to be racing this championship, because there are some of the best Radical drivers in the world. The organization is excellent, the broadcast amazing and the whole league very professional.

Sandro: Happy to hear that. How do you prepare for the races?

Franco: Before each race I prepare myself with physical exercises (Crossfit and Calisthenics), I don’t drink alcohol and I try to eat pasta during the day. Also some candy or chocolate half an hour before the race.

Sandro: Sounds quite serious. Why pasta?

Franco: Pasta is a food that has a lot of proteins and carbohydrates, it is very easy to digest. In real life, F1 drivers eat pasta on race day. It helps you have energy and digest food very easily.

Sandro: And apart from physical preparation?

Franco: The only secret is to train a lot, get to know the car as much as possible and the circuit as well. I do 200 practice-laps for each race hehe.

Sandro: How did you get into simracing?

Franco: In 2019 when we were in lockdown (pandemic), I saw many races of very famous racing drivers on social networks and that’s when I bought my simulator and started simracing.

The seat to lead the Championship from.

Sandro: What have been your best moments in simracing so far?

Franco: My best moment in simracing is this, running for the Radical World Championship.

Sandro: Do you have any experience with real life racing?

Franco: I started in karts when I was 13 years old. I also ran many car races in different categories and countries (Rally, Formula, Karting, Tc, Kart Cross, etc.). Simracing is the best thing that happened in my life, the level of drivers who run in Simracing is much higher than in real life, it requires more preparation and people go much more to the limit. I got to know a very high level of drivers and new driving techniques.

Sandro: Wow, that’s a lot. Are you still racing in real life?

Franco: Thank you so much. I currently run the Peruvian “Kart Cross” championship, the championship is called “Ronex Park“. I am very grateful to my friend Alex Heilbrunn (Championship Director) for inviting me to race in Peru. The level of drivers is very high, but I am prepared!
Currently I will stop racing in real life to dedicate myself 100% to simracing. In simracing I met such a high level of drivers. I have never seen anything like this, it requires more training, it is more difficult to be at the top. It’s an incredible world!

Sandro: You are racing in our Championships as a member of team Virtual Racing Peru. Can you tell us something about the team?

Franco: The VIRTUAL RACING PERU team was created thanks to many drivers and fans of real-life cars, who have been friends for many years. We all have a lot of experience in real life racing and we have learned many more things in SIMRACING. Every night we get together to train and improve our driving. We are good friends. The creator of the team is Rafael Benavides, he is a renowned racing driver in Peru, very famous and a great person. He´s my official sponsor, 505 MASTER GAMES.

Sandro: What do you think about the SR10 on iRacing?

Franco: The SR10 is a very powerful car and has a perfect combination between weight and power. The realism is unbelievable and it requires a lot of training for being rear wheel drive.

Look out for Franco on the virtual track!

Sandro: Apart from the Radical, where can we expect to meet you on track?

Franco: Currently I really like the RADICAL, GT3, LMP2 and TOYOTA. There are high-level drivers running those series.

Sandro: What do you envision for the future of your simracing career? Are there any goals you pursue?

Franco: Me and my team (Virtual Racing Peru) would like to win a World Championship.

Sandro: Good luck with that, and thanks for taking the time!


  • 34 years, Peruvian
  • Located: Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

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  • 3 monitors 2K – 32”
  • Thrustmaster TSPC wheelbase
  • Moza SRP pedals
  • Sparco handbrake
  • RTX3090
  • INTEL I9 11900K
  • 64GB RAM

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