Road to the World Finals 2023

Registration for Season 2023#3 has opened!

Registration for Season 2023#3 has opened and will lead towards the World Finals 2023 in October. Head to or discord to join in and write the next chapter with us!

No matter where you are – as long as a timeslot fits you – take the chance to fight for promotion or against relegation between Am and Pro class, take your chance to grab the crown, or try to qualify for the World Finals 2023!

Or just get on track for clean and fun racing within an awesome community!


+ Championships Starting with Week 2 (25th/26th of June).

+ SR10 Championships: 10 Minutes Quali, 30 Minutes Race

+ SR8 Championships: (Heats) 10 Minutes Quali, 20 Minutes Race, 40 Minutes Main Race (with top 8 reversed grid)

+ Sophisticated Stewarding System. Give it a look at

+ The number of drivers who will qualify for the World Finals 2023 within each Championship will be announced in front of Round 1.


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  1. Hi Guys,

    I would love to participate in sr10 europe. Is that still posible? Or how does that work?

    Happy greetings,

    Paul Dohmen

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