Hear the voice of reason – David Rolleston

Today we sat down with David Rolleston, who is a very active member of the community, often the helpful voice of reason and a great contributor to the general banter.

FBL: You are one of the iRacing veterans with more than 10 years on the service but can you tell us how you got into sim-racing, into iRacing and finally, into FBL?

Dave: I still class myself as a noob. Revs on the BBC and Chequered Flag on the ZX Spectrum where it began, then onto Grand Prix 1 and 2 on the Amiga during my teenage years.  Then moved onto PC and didn’t touch a racing game until GTR2 caught my eye around 2007. Played that offline using keyboard, thought I was the dogs danglies until I went online and got a thorough spanking. Bought the cheapest wheel and pedals money could buy and after a couple of months and chats (teamspeak) grabbed a 2nd hand G25. That was around 2008. Had a good time racing GTR2 and the mods available at that time in a league.

Then iRacing was launched which really caught my eye and signed up. I was using an old PC that I’d built myself at the time and it gradually got worse and worse and I stopped playing – other interests and 2nd child in 2011 taking away my attention. Occasionally I’d jump in for a practice and the odd race on the lowest possible graphics settings.

Wasn’t until we were re-arranging my old office (now a Lego building zone) that my daughter spotted the steering wheel and pedals in Autumn 2021. Of course I can set it up and let you have a go…..and so hatched a cunning plan.  In the back of my mind I’d always thought that one day I would return to doing some sim racing and that I’d build a rig of some description – the wheels on that wagon are in motion.  New ‘work’ PC procured (to work from home of course) and a gradual upgrade of kit has followed.  So, resubbed to iRacing in November 2021.  Since then have dabbled with Race Room, AC and ACC, but iRacing is my preference.

Rig of Reason.

11 years ago on iRacing I used to take part in the Lotus 79, Radical and Williams F1 series, so of course the new Mercedes and Radical caught my attention.  Joined up with the Radical Race Series UK just before Christmas and a couple of months ago, Colin introduced me to FBL.

FBL: Are you enjoying the FBL format and most importantly, are you having fun?

Dave:  Very much so. I like the longer 90 minute race format, a little more thought required, a lot more concentration and slightly better reward for a slower consistent driver than the sprint races. The community is great as well – Discord a new discovery for this year!

FBL: Now, one of the most important questions these days, one that has polarised the iRacing Radical community – SR8 or SR10?

Dave: SR10 is the future. Very different to drive, but I’ve now put in 400 or so laps with it, so getting more familiar. Still miss the roar of that lovely V8 though.

FBL: Will you be competing in the iRacing S3 Radical Challenge?

Dave: Yes, 2 races so far in week 1. I picked up a rare victory in race 2, so will continue with the series.

FBL: What is your weapon of choice in terms of the sim-gear?

Dave: Since November, I have moved from G25 to a 2nd hand CSW2.5 to a new Simucube Sport. From Logitech pedals to V3’s and now Heusinkveld Sprints. From an Ikea desk and office chair on casters to a Sim-Lab GT Evo rig.  From a 21” monitor to a 34” Ultrawide curved screen. Current wheel of choice is an Ascher Racing button box hooked up to a Turn Racing R305 rim.

Dave’s using a Turn Racing R305 rim.

FBL: Where else could we find you on iRacing? Are you racing any other cars, series? Did you ever consider endurance races? Are you aware of the FBL endurance team?

Dave: Before I found league racing (and realising how much practice the competition put in) I was dabbling with F3, GT3, Formula Renault, bit of F1, some Formula Vee and IR-04 – basically flip flopping between available races to get some action.  iRating up and down like a fiddlers elbow as I never got competent with any one car.  So this season I think I’ll stick with Radical and maybe F3 fixed.  But I need my $10 from iRacing so will probably pick something else as well, maybe LMP2 fixed.

Endurance/team racing really appeals to me, never experienced it but always enjoyed team sports.

FBL: Now, back to the FBL Season – you have completed most rounds in RSC and REC but where do you see yourself come the end of both seasons? Who do you think will come out on top in the REC?

Dave: Top 15 should be realistic for myself. For the sprint series I’ll only likely take part in the races the Friday before the endurance races, as a bit of a warm up. Now the light nights are here I’ll likely be out enjoying them. If the ‘The Hutch’ shows up in the remaining races then he must surely be nailed on for the REC.

One can never have enough buttons.

FBL: What do you do outside of the sim-racing Dave? Any particular interesting hobbies?

Dave:  I play golf at Glasgow Golf Club, hence now the summer evenings are here I might be otherwise engaged.  I used to race toy cars as well, 1/8th Scale Nitro Offroad, helped build a track in Scotland a few years ago, but the land has now been sold on and the club no longer runs.  Went all over the UK taking part in national events as well.  That gave me my racing fix when not sim racing, got to love the smell of nitro in the morning.

Only other thing I regularly engage in is an old online F1 management game.  Hell of a lot of brain power required, but also a great community and also active team that I am part of. If anyone is interested and requires guidance I’d be happy to help: www.gpro.net

FBL: Thanks for your time Dave!


Located: Glasgow, although born and raised in Leicestershire
Profession:  Financial Services – Director of a firm providing mortgage and insurance advice
Simracing Highlights: lol, 1st Place, iRacing Radical Challenge Division 8 time trial season 4 2009
Dirver-Profile: David Rolleston

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