Montreal. What to expect today?

The WTEC is going into it’s last race of 2021. To celebrate this, today’s pre-race show will include a Formula 1 season finale and title-decider.

WTEC 2021. What a season this has been so far. With Brumby, Cascardo and Bebb three drivers have been on top of the podium. There is a Nihad Gluscic on P2 in the standings that made the most out of his Number 2 Marlboro in every single race – running nearly flawless for three race weekends.

And then there are those competitive newcomers to FBL – Allen, Brown, Cuscino, Gardner, Renders, Simkens – everyone of them good for the podium or a win – and expect it to happen as soon as they won’t get their race messed up by extraordinary incidents.

So what to expect for today?

FP1 showed Cascardo and Bebb on top within 3 thousandths, and Iwan Bremer (Martini) on P3 losing half a second to the leaders somewhere between turn 7 and 9. Some tenths behind are Brumby and Renders, while a little gap is in place in front of the rest of the field. Kapeller, Brown, Modena, Simkens, Gardner and Allen are so close to each other, that their order in the race will most likely be decided by the smallest errors.

Comparison of Cascardo’s, Bebb’s and Bremer’s fastest lap in FP1

For Martini it will be a day of light and shadow again – Bremer at the front of the field while Ruiz won’t be on track due to an injured shoulder. Team Gulf is down to rise to the challenge again, while Marlboro might have a hard job maintaining their performance. All of this while Cambrian Sim Racing might stop the show for the classic teams of FBL. And speaking of that, everyone is keen to see Den Kaap finally having a clean weekend.

So enjoy the pre-race show, and all the best to Colin Wynn!

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