FBL Racing Team on P5 at 24h Debut!

Iwan Bremer, Nathan Brumby and Alfonso Ruiz worked their way up to P2 in the first quarter of the race, but struggled with mechanical issues and the challenge of going for 24 hours with a team of three.

24h Solo Race Challenge. Last weekend the FBL Racing Team gave its 24h debut at Maarten Postema’s 24h Race Against Cancer at the Nurburgring.

First one behind the wheel was Brumby, who drove the FBL Porsche from P8 on the grid to P4 at the end of his two hour stint. That’s when Alfonso Ruiz took control and responsibility in his hands and drove the car with the beautiful livery on to P2. It was about this point in time, when everyone involved began to recognize a little smell of sensation.

P2 seemed to be safe for the Team – at least for those closely following the teams written communication – and was not even endangered by damaging the Porsche a few minutes in front of Iwan Bremer’s stint.

But about 5 hours into the race, the representatives of the FBL Community came to know the brutal reality of endurance racing. Bremer’s cooler ran out of water again and made him go for an unintended pit stop to fix the mechanical problems. Brumby behind the wheel again, and the FBL-Racing Team on P4, the podium still in eyesight.

Off track Bremer had to notice, that it wasn’t possible to fix the problem with his cooler during race time – and the community held their breathe as Brumby and Ruiz might have to go for the next 19 hours as a team of two. But Bremer managed to stay in the race, filled up his cooler to get on track again and hope the best for the team and his RTX 3090.

The next hours saw the FBL Porsche pendulum between P4 and P5. Brumby going for a 3 hour stint and Ruiz driving into the night like a possessed man, showing an epic overtake to P4, just 50 seconds behind of P3.

Then came the night part of the race – of which not that much has been passed down to us. But at 6:30 in the morning the Team held P6. Bremer declared that Brumby had shown awesome and inspirational driving through some very long stints for the whole the race, and was now done for the day.

So it would be Alfonso’s job to get the Team back to the podium. And just a few minutes later he gained back P5. And then a flying Iwan Bremer took P4 at 8:40 in the morning.

But after 19 hours of exhaustion and drowsy flying on track, the endurance race again took a toll on the team of three. Sending them to the pits for 17 Minutes of repairs, and making Bremer fill up the cooler of his machine for the eighth time.

Getting out of the Pits on P6, Bremer send the FBL Porsche around the track again and got P5 – just thirty minutes before the end of the race and keeping it there until he saw the checkered flag.

Soon after the race Brumby spoke of an awakening experience and declared it to be just the first practice of a lot more to come – with possible 6 and 12 hour races with this awesome team that gave the FBL Community it’s first endurance experience.

Then the heros of the 24h Racing against Cancer went to sleep, and except for Iwan Bremer struggling to watch the F1 GP, nothing was heard of them until now.

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