Heading toward season #3

It’s just a few days until the Formula Baltic Community starts in it’s third season. The WTEC 2021 will be the longest season the Community has ever raced, with a driver line-up knocking on the twenties.

The last season saw four different winners in seven races, and nine drivers getting on the podium at least once. Accordingly tight was the fight for the championship, with Nathan Brumby (Gulf) and Kim Holberg (Sunoco) going into the final race at Interlagos with just one point difference, while Colin Wynn (RedBull) still had an underdog chance to get the title in the end. But Brumby kept his nerves, and got him the championship with Pole-Position and a tough fight to get on the top, while Holberg struggled more and more with the race proceeding.

On the Team side, Gulf managed to get in front of Sunoco with a 1-2 in the final race. Making Sunoco second, WP Racing taking P3 and Martini a stable P4 after having struggled to get both cars on track for the whole season.

Standings of the STEC 2021

Now Brumby might have it easy to defend his title going into the WTEC 2021 as Vice-Champion Holberg put his career to an end. But we know Daniele Cascardo (Marlboro) showed some dominant drives in the last season, and will be good for a win in every race. Not to forget Colin Wynn might have taken P3 in the last season, but he took part in one race less than Brumby and is hot for the Championship again.

And then there are ten new drivers that have been signed to the league in front of the first free practice this Thursday (20:00 GMT), and four new teams will be on the grid. So we will have to wait for the first race this Sunday, to get an idea of who might get in the fight for the Championship and show Brumby places.

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