Survey #1

Survey #1

Thanks for taking the time for the survey. We just want to get an idea on your opinions.

Feedback 1
Xmas and New Year holidays are scheduled during our next season 🙂
Racedates affected are Fri 23rd, Sun 25th, Fri 30th, Sun 1st, Fri 6th, and Sun 8th.


Shall we keep organizing them?
Things I would like to do in a Special

Current Championships

With the Americas Championship still needing to grow, there will be 15 drivers qualified for the Am and for the Pro Finals ...
There is a 4 week break in the middle of the Endurance Championship ...
Pit Stop Strategies in the Endurance Championship

SR8 and SR10 for the last time.

Imagine there would be SR8 Officials again
Imagine we would run a SR8 World Cup alongside the SR10 World Cup

Just asking around ...

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