SR8 Series

SR8 Series

SR8 Championship 2023_2

The SR8 is Back

10 Races in alternating Sprint (30 Minutes) and Grand Prix (90 Minutes) Format for one iRacing seasons. The SR8 Championships bring back one of the best cars on iRacing and will be embedded into a Daily Series with races throughout the week.


Driver and Team Championship

You can compete as a single driver or as part of a Team – while you always drive solo.


Season Finals

Best Drivers of the European, Americas and Daily Series will qualify for the Season Finals on June 4th.


You Never Race Alone

Strategy makes you race throughout the race – whether it’s in wheel to wheel battle or managing the gap needed to come out on top after pitting.

Join us on track!

Create an account to become part of the Community at and register for the Championships.


  • 10 Races
  • Raceday: every Sunday
  • Racestart Europe: 20.30 GMT
  • Racestart Americas: 9.30pm EST
  • 2 Drop Weeks
  • Open Practice Sessions on Tuesday.

A Team within the Championship consists of two drivers racing the same livery, whose individual points will be summed up for Team Standings.

If your iRacing Team will have a multitude of 2 drivers on the grid, you are asked to register multiple Teams.

Yes, every race on Sunday will be broadcasted.

As long as we are not fully financed by sponsorships, every participant is asked to donate a fair share to help us finance our championships.

For the time being we ask everyone to donate 10 EUR to an amount of his liking.
If you are just about to join our community you might also reach out to our admin.