REC 22/23

REC 22/23

REC 22/23

The Endurance Championship

Races lasting for 90 Minutes, a Championship lasting for two iRacing seasons. The Endurance Championship poses a special challenge for everyone racing a Radical – and adds the need for  consistency and strategic on track. 


Driver and Team Championship

You can compete as a single driver or as part of a Team – while you always drive solo.


Group A and B

Drivers will be split in group A and B to allow for promotion and relegation depending on your result at the end of the season.


You Never Race Alone

Strategy makes you race throughout the race – whether it’s in wheel to wheel battle or managing the gap needed to come out on top at the end.

Join us on track!

Create an account to become part of the Community at and register for the Championships.


  • 10 Races
  • Raceday: every other Sunday
  • Timeslot: 19 to 21 GMT
  • 2 Drop Week
  • Free Practice Sesison on Wednesday
  • 30 Minutes Open Qualifying
  • 90 Minutes Race
  • Standing Start
  • Open Setup
  • No Safety Car
  • No Regulation on Pit Stops
  • 1 Fast Repair
  • Round 1: September, 18th
  • Round 2: October, 2nd
  • Round 3: October, 16th
  • Round 4: October, 30th
  • Round 5: November, 13th
  • Round 6: to be defined
  • Round 7: to be defined
  • Round 8: to be defined
  • Round 9: to be defined
  • Round 10, to be defined

We will follow the Schedule of the Officials and race the corresponding tracks.

A Team within the Championship consists of two drivers racing the same livery, whose individual points will be sumed up for Team Standings.

If your iRacing Team will have a multitude of 2 drivers on the grid, you are asked to register multiple Teams.

The basi goal is to have as many drivers in Group A as there are in Group B. To split the drivers into those two groups:

  1. We will create a ranking based on iRating.
  2. Those around the cap will be allowed to decide in which group they want to race.
  3. Needs and interests of Teams will be taken into account.

Yes, every race of every Group will be broadcasted.

Only Drivers who made it to the chequered flag will be qualified for Points.

P1: 50
P2: 45
P3: 40
P4: 37
P5: 34
P6: 31
P7: 28
P8: 25
P9: 22
P10: 20
P11: 18
P12: 16
P13: 14
P14: 12
P15: 10
P16: 8
P17: 6
P18: 4
P19: 2
P20: 1

We rely on donations to finance our activities. To make sure everyone is aware of that, you are asked to make a donation of 1 EUR to an amount of your liking – for you to confirm your registration and for us to make sure everyone’s aware that we are run by donations.

More Info during the registration process.

If there is interest we will host an Endurance Championship in America and add Finals to the Endurance Format.

So if you want to race the Endurance Championships on the US-Boston Server and at a 8-10 EST time-slot, just let us know.