Vote – Radical Racing Challenge 2023#3

Vote – Radical Racing Challenge 2023#3

Community-Vote for the Season 3 Schedule

Based on discussions on discord, the following three decisions were made for the vote of the schedule.

In face of participation numbers in the current season:

(1) Put a premium on popular tracks.
To give you an idea of which tracks saw high participation numbers in the past, tracks are not listed alphabetically, but in descending order of race participation in the past.

(2) Starting the Season with the most popular tracks.
To get some momentum into the series, Nordschleife and Spa will be upon the first tracks of the season.

(3) Linking to real life.
Mirroring real life Radical events (Road America, Silverstone, Mosport) shall help to make the series more appealing to real life drivers.

The vote will close on Monday, 1st of May at 10:00am GMT. Results will be available on the website and an anonymized list of all votes posted in discord.

Finally, opinions are strong 😉 and you will have to register to be able to vote. Sorry about that, but otherwise it’s not possible to claim a fair process (1 driver 1 vote).