Charlie Bebb, the Daytona 24 and the FBL

While everyone in the fbl-community was preparing for the heat of Monza, Bebb went to win the Daytona 24 with his team UK SimRacing Silver. That raised some questions – how did they manage to do that, and what else do we need to know about him? 

Straight out of (Green) Hell

Renders raced to victory at the Nordschleife, Gluscic to the lead in the championship, Brumby back to Brands Hatch 2021 and Ruiz to shatter his and Bebb’s chance for the win.

Renders wins in the Green Hell!

With a lead of 1.2 seconds after 90 minutes, Renders gives the championship the 5th winner in the 5th race. Brumby beaten in the final laps. Gluscic takes the lead in the championship with a P3 just 0.15 seconds ahead of Wynn. After 65 minutes the dream of victory came to an end for Ruiz and Bebb when they collide in battle.

FBL-Community wakes up from hibernation!

The Green Hell hosted the first session of the WTEC in 2022. FP1 showed that Charlie Bebb is fast as ever, and reigning champion Nathan Brumby is back in business.

Thomas Renders and Racing Team Den Kaap

There are teams within the FBL, and then there are TEAMS within FBL. Racing Team Den Kaap brings two of them to the grid in the WTEC 2021. So we took a moment to sit down and talk with Thomas Renders.