3 hours of Le Mans

3 hours of Le Mans

Radical Specials

Multiclass at Le Mans

The 3 hours of Le Mans on October 23rd will be the first race of our Specials we organize beside our regular Championships. It’s about creating new formats and bringing together people throughout the Radical Community for the great racing it is know for.


SR8 and SR10

Whether you believe the SR8 is still the best car on iRacing, or you fell in love with the SR10. It’s your chance to get on track with us!


Team or Solo

Your race. Whether you prefer having a teammate or think 3 hours is just the right challenge to race solo.


Le Mans

No track could fit better to bring together tradition and modern times.

Join us on track!

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  • 180 Minutes
  • Date: Sunday, October 23rd
  • Race-Start: 16:00 GMT
  • Open Setup
  • 1 Fast Repair

Two Open Practice Sessions for 180 Minutes will be hosted throughout the week leading up to the race on Sunday.

  • Wednesday, 19:00 GMT
  • Friday, 19:00 GMT

Yes, the race will be broadcasted by James Parfitt Broadcasting. Check out his Channel on Youtube 

The race is designed as a Team-Event – but you are also welcome to race solo.

However, should registrations exceed places on the grid, teams will be given priority over individual drivers, and solo drives will be asked to race in a team.

Beside the work and effort necessary to bring these races to live, there are also financial costs involved to make them happen.

You’ll be asked to donate after you registered for the race. We would be happy about your support.