RWC 2022 Finals

RWC 2022 Finals

World Cup Finals

celebrate the Radicals!

The Finals are the main event of the Radical World Cup and will take place twice a year. With the best drivers of the Radical Simracing Community racing for the overall crown, it’s a celebration of the Community, the people involved and the stage to show and watch the best Radical racing out there.



The Finals will take place on Friday, December 2nd for the first time.



Qualify for the Finals through the regional Championships of the Radical World Cup.



Two races for each Group will determine who takes the crown.

Join us on track!

Create an account to become part of the Community at and register for the Championships.


At the moment there are Championships hosted on the De-Fra and US-Bos Server.

Each Championship will be split in Group A and B.

Finals will consist of two races for each Group of the Regional Championships:

  1. Group B  Race One
  2. Group A Race One
  3. Group B Race Two
  4. Group A Race Two


The exact timeslots will be announced. 


  • 15 Minutes Open Qualifying
  • 30 Minutes Race
  • Standing Start
  • Fixed Setup
  • No Safety Car
  • No Pit Stop
  • No Fast Repair


Two Tracks will be used for the Finals.

Which ones will be decided by a community vote four weeks in front.

Group A and Group B will race the same tracks.

If you have a record on Racing the Radical in the Officials or a League, you can reach out to us.

The community will decide whether you get a place on the grid or not.